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Editorial Guidelines

The Birth Injury Center website provides educational resources for new parents seeking information and assistance for birth-related injuries and prenatal complications. Our website offers an in-depth knowledge base and connections to reputable resources across the United States.

Expert Knowledge

Birth injury is defined as damage that occurs as a result of the birthing process. The more specific concerns are harm that befalls the baby before, during, and shortly after birth. Included in these adverse circumstances are debilitating short-term and long-term effects. Unfortunately, the physical and mental health repercussions for mothers and children who have sustained birth injuries can span years.

Birth Injury Center is a highly specialized website created to support women, children, and families. The Birth Injury Center site at is committed to helping parents through the complicated process of coping, accepting, and managing these unforeseen situations with their newborn. Sometimes birth injuries are preventable, and we aim to educate and inform pregnant people about birth injuries, so they are best positioned to prevent them.

This website was created by people with an in-depth understanding of birth injuries. We want to help new parents manage birth injuries as best they can. The content published across the Birth Injury Center website has been thoroughly investigated and approved by medical expert Patricia Shelton, MD. By joining Birth Injury Center as a medical content writer and reviewer, Dr. Shelton seizes an incredible opportunity to help people combat the confusion of birth injuries. She has advocated for women going through some of the darkest times of their lives and employs a high level of empathy for every condition displayed throughout our site.

Dr. Shelton is a well-established medical content creator with a long-running track record in medical communications. Patricia has devoted her life and professional practice to educating people on important health and medical matters. As a doctoral-level expert in the study of the human body, she is passionate about helping people discover and appreciate the power they hold in their bodies. Patricia injects enthusiasm into every teaching opportunity, whether she is teaching through written articles, lecturing college-level science courses, or training yoga teachers. She teaches anatomy and physiology courses at the National Institutes of Health and is an instructor for yoga teacher training programs. Her unique approach to yoga instruction combines her Western science knowledge with Eastern yoga techniques and methodologies.

The expertise Patricia brings to Birth Injury Center as a whole goes beyond her career as a doctor, professor, and yoga practitioner. She is highly sought after to create and evaluate health-related websites, test prep materials, white papers, court documents, etc. Her book, The Yoga Doctor, was published in 2015.

Dr. Shelton maintains an energetic presence across the Birth Injury Center website. Most of the content on our website is written by Patricia, and that which she doesn’t write, she exercises due diligence in preventing misinformation on these sensitive topics. The content on our site is routinely reviewed to ensure integrity. While investigating the content, Patricia relies on her years of academic and professional experience and the expert knowledge of her colleagues at Birth Injury Center. As part of her vetting process, she confirms medical facts using national and international medical publications and media outlets.

Despite the fact the website content is created and reviewed by a medical expert, none of the content on this website is intended to be a substitute for legal or professional medical advice.

Key Contributors
Patricia Shelton, MD, is the leading examiner of the content published across this website.

Patricia earned her Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree at the University of Washington. Her background is in Neuroscience and Medicine. She is certified to teach yoga to new mothers, pregnant women, and kids and train yoga instructors. Dr. Shelton has investigated birth injuries from both the medical and personal sides and is widely recognized as a compassionate, thought-provoking writer and thought leader in the wellness space.

Before joining Birth Injury Center, Dr. Shelton published her first book, The Yoga Doctor. The book dives into the human body’s mysteries and encourages people to develop a pain-free yoga practice as part of a healthy life.


The goal of the Birth Injury Center website is to educate and inform parents whose newborns have experienced birth injuries. In addition to this goal, we hope to educate and inform pregnant people about preventable birth injuries and be best prepared for the birthing process. provides timely, accurate and relevant information to achieve this goal.

There are several resources to consider regarding the birth injury diagnosis and the accompanying concerns, whether medical, emotional, financial or all three. The Birth Injury Center website aims to help parents build a comprehensive plan that provides their newborn with the best care and assistance.

Our team operates in favor of ethical journalism practices. We strive to present only wholly unbiased information. Every piece of content on this website is confirmable, and the sources exclusively linked to within our content have been vetted as credible and trustworthy.


Birth Injury Center’s objective is to evaluate birth injury complications for our readers clearly and concisely. Different birth injuries are introduced throughout the website, and the types, symptoms, causes, treatments, and potential effects are explained in layman’s terms.

Additional actionable items included on the site are recommendations for preparing for doctor appointments and finding relevant support groups.

Birth Injury Center’s Audience

Birth Injury Center’s audience includes, but is not limited to:
  • People whose newborns have a birth injury
  • People who are pregnant and seeking information to prevent birth injury
  • People who are questioning whether or not their newborn has a birth injury
  • People who are evaluating treatments for their newborn’s birth injury
  • People who are seeking support groups related to birth injury
  • People whose loved ones have been negatively impacted by birth injury
  • People who are experiencing depression linked to their newborn’s birth injury
  • People who would like guidance on birth injuries from a non-judgemental source
  • People who want detailed and objective information about birth injuries
  • Members of the media, researchers and experts

Topical Coverage

Birth Injury Center is designed to cater to two groups: pregnant people evaluating birth injury and ways to prevent it and new parents whose child has or may have a birth injury.

The core content on this website is centered around helping parents identify and manage their newborn’s birth injury so that the child may lead a full and happy life. These informational pieces range from helpful articles on recognizing symptoms of a birth injury at different ages, steps to prepare for doctor appointments, support group contacts for various injuries, and informative articles outlining what to expect from the different types of birth injury.

Birth Injuries are avoidable, but they do happen. Birth Injury Center provides greater detail into the birthing process and what to avoid while pregnant to be best positioned to prevent birth injury.

The medical content reviewer for the website, Patricia Shelton, MD, ensures content is kept up-to-date to reflect the most relevant information.

Throughout the Birth Injury Center website, you will find knowledge about birth injury’s physical and mental effects on newborns and their families, relevant updates from the medical community, and more.

Editorial Control

As the in-house medical expert, Dr. Shelton employs editorial control for content published on the Birth Injury Center’s website. Patricia has taken steps to safeguard the content on this website so it may operate independently of external influences. The website does not accept money for advertising. Patricia encourages suggestions and feedback from colleagues who may at times recommend topics and changes for the website based on the ever-evolving medical landscape.

Birth Injury Center does not accept external ideas for content. The website publishes only original content. We operate at the highest levels of integrity and quality standards.

Reader Engagement

The team at Birth Injury Center invites you to contact us with feedback. Any information provided by Dr. Shelton or Birth Injury Center is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Please reach out if you need support, and we will point you in the right direction.

Editorial Integrity

Birth Injury Center defines these principles as crucial to responsible medical journalism.

Accurate and Thorough

Birth Injury Center seeks to report the truth as fully as possible. Primarily due to the sensitive nature of the content on our site, we owe it to our readers that everything should be meticulously researched and backed by industry experts. The content written for this website undergoes a rigorous verification process. Medical expert Dr. Shelton ensures the content across the website is contextually sound by neutrally arranging facts.

Empathetic and Fact-Focused

We strive to keep our content clean and authentic in order to display possibilities and situations. When someone is concerned about their newborn’s health, the last thing they want is to be confronted with a mess of complex information in a space intended to be helpful. Our target is to produce content that we are confident is accessible and constructive in educating new parents and their families on birth injuries. Our content creation process is designed to place human experiences in mind at the heart of every article, as we do our best to create a space that feels safe.

Birth Injury Center Content Types

Birth Injury Center displays a relevant collection of content for our readers.

Evergreen Pages

These core pages cover the definition of a birth injury, the most common types of birth injuries, prenatal care, and delivery complications. These pages are the most informative across our website’s content and they are the foundation for the organization’s reason to exist.

Resources for Parents

Learn everything about birth injuries to protect yourself and your baby. Review important ways to prepare for the birthing process and to best support your newborn. It’s critical to recognize the symptoms of birth injury early on in the child’s life. Understand both its short- and long-term effects and how to create a comprehensive long-term plan for your child to lead a full, happy life. Review health resources specially geared to helping parents help their children.

Birth Injury General Updates

The medical landscape is one that is constantly evolving. As new information arises about birth injuries, timely and relevant articles are produced with the goal of keeping new parents abreast of changing information. Lead medical expert and content reviewer Dr. Shelton reviews reports covering medical changes and birth injury developments at the federal, state and local levels.

Linking Policy

Birth Injury Center welcomes external organizations, individuals, and nonprofits to link to the Birth Injury Center website if they share our vision of educating new parents. Birth Injury Center does not allow other websites to directly paste pieces of content, but rather we request the information and articles be shared in full and hyperlinked to the original source content in order to fully represent the valuable information contained therein.


Birth Injury Center makes every effort to correct any errors in a timely manner. If you see a grammatical error or a questionable statement anywhere on the site, please contact us to report the inaccuracy.