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The Birth Injury Center, LLC was founded in 2021 by a group of people with an in-depth understanding of birth injuries. We are here to help you. Our team includes birth-injury lawyers, healthcare providers who are well-practiced in birth injuries and prenatal complications, and family members of people with cerebral palsy and autism.

We live in an era where we are constantly working to understand medical conditions. As it turns out, several disabilities are the result of birth injuries, pharmaceuticals, or instances of medical malpractice that greatly impact families with only one mistake. When a baby sustains a birth injury, it can be deeply confusing for parents. To make matters worse, hospitals are skilled in shutting claims down. When nurses and doctors make mistakes, it is the family who lives with the permanent consequences; which is why now, more than ever, parents are expected to become advocates for their children. Birth Injury Center wants to provide all possible means of support throughout the process, from discovery to healing and acceptance.

The team behind the Birth Injury Center was brought together through commonly shared experiences caring for families who have been victims of medical negligence. All of the content published across The Birth Injury Center website has been thoroughly investigated and approved by medical expert Patricia Shelton, MD and Attorney Ryan Mahoney. Dr. Shelton is a well-established medical content creator with a background in medical communications. Patricia has devoted her life to educating people on important health and medical matters, and those most dear to her heart are preventable injuries with lifelong complications. Learn more about Patricia here.

Ryan Mahoney has significant experience trying cases on behalf of plaintiffs throughout Illinois and Missouri and has helped injured children and their families recover millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. He represents those who have been injured or harmed by medical negligence, wrongful death, sexual harassment or employment discrimination, defective products or prescription drugs, mesothelioma, and other types of personal injury. Learn more about Ryan here.

Our primary goal is to educate the public and help them identify if their family has fallen victim to negligence by an institution and create and distribute educational content and provide access to legal representation for these highly sensitive situations. Our website offers an in-depth knowledge base and connections to reputable resources across the United States

Birth Injury Guidance and Support

We are wholly committed to helping parents through the complicated process of identifying, coping, accepting, and managing their newborn’s birth injury. Sometimes birth injuries are preventable, and we aim to educate and inform pregnant people about birth injuries so they are best positioned to prevent them.

The Birth Injury Center aims to create informational web content and guides to help women and their families seeking support and guidance for the harm caused by others. Through the use of modern digital channels, the Birth Injury Center will support the creation and distribution of authoritative, educational content on topics related to birth injuries that may necessitate legal representation. Our goal is to provide the best possible information at no cost and to support the ongoing expansion of this topic through written and video content.

Despite the preventable nature of birth injuries, physicians and other medical professionals don’t always perform the necessary actions before, during and after birth and delivery to prevent injuries from occurring.

Possible Birth Injuries and Complications

Part of advocating for your family is knowing what to look out for. Babies can suffer from a wide array of injuries before, during, and after birth:

Cerebral Palsy
Infant Brain Damage
Erb’s Palsy (brachial plexus palsy)
Delivery Complications
Shoulder Dystocia
Forceps Delivery Complications
Vacuum Delivery Complications
Placenta Accreta
Placental Abruption
Newborn Cephalohematoma
Intrauterine Fetal Demise

How to Use this Information

The core content on this website is centered around helping parents identify and manage their newborn’s birth injury so that the child may lead a full and happy life. These informative articles range from managing the existing condition to recognizing symptoms of a birth injury at different ages, steps to prepare for doctor appointments, support group contacts for various injuries, and informative articles outlining what to expect from the different types of birth injury.

If you are concerned that your newborn may be injured, for whatever reason, speak with your doctor immediately. It’s critically important to gather information from the moment you feel something is wrong. While some injuries can be recognized immediately, other children may take months or even years to start showing signs of a problem.

We are ready to provide you the information needed. Review our website and reach out if you have questions or need support.

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