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Birth Injury Center

Through educational content and legal guidance, the Birth Injury Center aims to empower and support families who have become victims of medical negligence.

A boy sitting on a wheelchair with his mother by the side

Birth injuries can transform the celebratory moment of a child’s birth into a nightmare involving serious health complications, permanent disability, or death. When these injuries result from medical errors, the Birth Injury Center can provide medical and legal resources to help families pursue justice.

When your child’s birth injury results from medical negligence, you can pursue monetary compensation from a treating physician, hospital, or insurance company. 

The Birth Injury Center can get you in touch with a lawyer to assert your legal rights and fight to maximize your financial recovery.

How Can the Birth Injury Center Help?

Your family need not suffer the effects of traumatic birth injuries alone.

The Birth Injury Center provides education and referrals to local resources that may offer financial assistance, emotional support, and assistive technology and services. 

The Birth Injury Center will ensure that your child’s story is heard and the consequences of their birth injury are not understated. We will work closely with trusted medical specialists, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and other experts as we construct your case.

The goal: to fully demonstrate the impact of the birth injury on your child’s life and ensure that they receive a maximum settlement

The multidisciplinary team of lawyers, medical experts, and concerned parents at the Birth Injury Center understand the grief, fear, and feelings of isolation parents experience from birth injuries. We will help you understand your child’s condition, treatment options, and legal options when your family has been affected by any type of birth injury, including the following:

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Birth Injuries

Cerebral Palsy

Erb’s Palsy

Infant Brain Injuries

Pregnancy Complications

Delivery Complications

Empowering Families Through Medical & Legal Resources

Our carefully-selected medical malpractice attorneys are experienced in birth injury cases and provide caring, personalized support while they pursue damages that will help your family receive justice and provide your child with the most advanced care options available.

If You’re a Victim of Negligence - Don’t Wait

Like other medical malpractice lawsuits, birth injury cases can be incredibly stressful, time-consuming, and complex. Minor mistakes or missteps can seriously impair your family’s ability to file a successful claim and recover the compensation you need and deserve.

The Birth Injury Center will guide you through the birth injury lawsuit process and ensure that all procedural requirements are satisfied, including the statute of limitations. 

Each state has a time limit for filing a birth injury lawsuit. Depending on where you live, you could have between one and 10 years, or more,  to pursue compensation for a child’s birth injury. However, determining the deadline is often complex, containing various exceptions and technicalities. 

Missing the deadline imposed by your state’s statute of limitations isn’t an option. Once time runs out, so does your ability to demand compensation. If you call us for help right away, our team of birth injury attorneys won’t let that happen.

Birth Injury Resources

Get to Know More About Your Legal Rights With a Free Consultation

Your child has suffered a debilitating injury because their doctor made a mistake. It’s easy to understand that you’d have questions about your legal rights, the options available, and the process of filing a birth injury lawsuit.

At The Birth Injury Center, we offer a free, confidential case evaluation for all prospective clients. During a free consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Speak with our team about your child’s birth, the treatment they received, and the injuries they sustained

Our team will listen carefully to the details of your story and offer some preliminary guidance about your rights and the potential strength of your legal claim.