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Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can transform the celebratory moment of a child’s birth into a lifelong nightmare that includes serious health complications, permanent disability, or death. The Birth Injury Center provides support and resources to families that have been impacted by birth trauma. When these injuries are caused by medical errors, the Birth Injury Center can provide legal representation to help families pursue justice.

Birth trauma occurs in approximately 29 out of every 1,000 births in the United States, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is a shocking statistic given the advanced state of modern medicine. Unfortunately, many of these injuries can be traced back to human error.

Your family should not have to suffer the effects of traumatic birth injuries alone. The Birth Injury Center provides education and referrals to local resources that may offer financial assistance, emotional support, and assistive technology and services. We also provide legal representation to help families recover damages from negligent health care providers.

Protect Yourself and Your Baby

From different types of food and medication to certain physical activities, several factors can affect your baby’s health during pregnancy. Proper prenatal care is essential to protecting yourself and your unborn baby.

Find Exactly What You Need

Receiving a birth injury diagnosis for your child can be overwhelming, and you might not know where to turn for valuable resources. We want to streamline your search for straightforward information including a list of not-for-profit agencies dedicated to specific diagnoses.

For Parents and Caregivers

Parents and caregivers of children with cerebral palsy are uniquely nurturing and have a deep understanding of their children’s daily challenges. You can support your child’s development by staying abreast of current treatments, medications, and types of therapy. 

Learn Medication Risks

Tylenol, the brand name for acetaminophen, is the most commonly recommended drug for pregnant women in need of pain relief and fever reduction. So far, 26 studies have identified positive associations between acetaminophen exposure during pregnancy and neurodevelopment outcomes in the child.

See What Works Best For You

Your baby’s feeding method is a private decision that only you can make after carefully weighing what will work best for you and your family. Whatever method you choose, administer every feeding with love and treasure every moment with your precious baby.

Especially for Parents of Premature Babies

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a neonatal bowel disease that can cause a hole to develop in an infant’s intestine. Pathologists have yet to determine a singular cause but studies have established a link between NEC and premature birth, cow’s milk formula feeding, or low oxygen at birth.

Hero Law

Filing a Birth Injury Lawsuit

Though exceptionally rewarding, childbirth comes with many risks and potential injuries for both the mother and the child. If your child has experienced a birth injury due to preventable causes, you can seek financial compensation through a birth injury lawsuit.


Birth Injury Lawsuit FAQs

Birth injury cases can be complicated. The Birth Injury Center answers the most pressing birth injury lawsuit questions and explains why it is in your best interest to enlist the help of a qualified attorney.


Camp Lejeune Birth Defects

Specific VOCs found at Camp Lejeune have been associated with birth defects, childhood cancers, and other serious health issues. A recently signed bill allows victims to bring lawsuits against the U.S. government.

What causes birth injuries?

Birth injuries often occur during complicated childbirths. Although complications during childbirth are not 100 percent predictable, they can often be prevented through excellent prenatal care and attentive decision-making throughout the birthing process.

The most common causes of severe birth injuries include oxygen deprivation, physical trauma, infection during birth, or inadequately treated maternal health conditions during pregnancy.

How can the Birth Injury Center help?

The multidisciplinary team of lawyers, medical experts, and concerned parents at the Birth Injury Center understand the grief, fear, and feelings of isolation parents experience as a result of birth injuries. We will help you understand your child’s condition, treatment options, and legal options when your family has been affected by any type of birth injury, including the following:

A health care provider who fails to provide a reasonable standard of care during pregnancy or childbirth is guilty of negligence and becomes liable for the resulting harm. This area of law requires knowledge of the specific complications and errors that lead to the various types of injuries.
Our carefully-selected medical malpractice attorneys are experienced in birth injury cases and provide caring, personalized support while they pursue damages that will help your family receive justice and provide your child with the most advanced care options available. Contact us today for a free consultation.